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Joe Swiffen

I have been involved with sled dogs since getting my first Siberian Husky in 2001. I soon realised that ‘walkies’ was not enough for him and so I sought a new direction with the help of the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain. I began working my husky with a few ‘old time’ mushers and soon became ‘addicted’ to the sport. Although we never did particularly well in the races back then, I still loved the sport and being able to work with my dogs at what they enjoyed doing most.

I became an active member of SHCGB, working predominantly for with Siberian Husky Welfare team, taking phone calls from people struggling with their dogs or wanting to rehome. Coordinating applications from potential new owners, supported fund raising efforts, home checked new prospective owners, took part in events to educate people on the breed and encourage new people to the sport. I also fostered many unwanted Siberians for the club whilst new homes were found.

In the early years, I mainly raced with breed specific clubs such as SHCGB and BSHRA, however, in 2012 an unexpected turn of events gave me the opportunity to travel to the French Alps with a super Scottish race team, live in a van for around 6 weeks, in temperatures of minus 25 degrees and train 12 racing Siberians on snow ready for competition at the WSA in Slovakia. That was when my eyes were opened to more serious competitive racing and again I was ‘bitten by the bug’.

Now, along with my husband and young son, we have a small kennel of 10 dogs (which will soon grow). A combination of my original ‘plod-along’ Siberian Husky race team; now veterans, an up and coming team of younger Siberian Huskies as well as a bikejor German Short-Haired Pointer and a young Scandinavian Hound. Xinaskyii Sled Dog Team will hopefully continue to grow and improve over the next few years.

Since 2012, our kennel has competed in open competition with Wyedean Mushing, UCSC, SDAS and BSSF with me running a Nordic breed team and my husband Mark competing in bikejor with our Pointer. We have continued to improve since then. Our aim is to continue to work hard with our dogs, enjoy our time spent with them and continuously improve.

I am keen to support the progress of British racing in line with the rest of the World. I genuinely believe we have some amazing athletes; human and canine here in the UK, my aim as BSSF Executive Director is to celebrate our achievements and support our country, our athletes and much loved canine companions to grow and develop in the sport as one united front.

Joe Joe

Executive Director