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IFSS World Championships Dryland 2017

Kozle-Szamotuly, Poland

November 23rd – 26th 2017




LOCATION: Szamotuly-Kozle, Poland


52°34′34″N 16°23′54″E/52,576111 16,398333


Distance from Eurotunnel Calais approximately 710 miles (1,140 km) Using toll roads


TECHNICAL ORGANIZER: Polish Association of Sleddog Sports

Web site:


IFSS WCh Dryland 2017 –



▪ Canicross elite women (DCW) 4.5 km

▪ Canicross elite men (DCM) 4.5 km

▪ Canicross veteran women (DCWV) 4.5 km

▪ Canicross veteran men (DCMV) 4.5 km

▪ Canicross junior women (DCWJ) 3.3 km

▪ Canicross junior men (DCMJ) 3.3 km

▪ Bikejoring elite women (DBW) 7.5 km

▪ Bikejoring elite men (DBM) 7.5 km

▪ Bikejoring veteran women (DBWV) 7.5 km

▪ Bikejoring veteran men (DBMV) 7.5 km

▪ Bikejoring junior women (DBWJ) 5.7 km

▪ Bikejoring junior men (DBMJ) 5.7 km

▪ 1-Dog scooter women (DSW1) 4.5 km

▪ 1-Dog scooter men (DSM1) 4.5 km

▪ 1-Dog scooter junior (DS1J) 4.5 km

▪ 2-Dog scooter (DS2) 5.7 km

▪ 4-Dog rig (DR4) 5.7 km

▪ 4-Dog rig junior (DR4J) 5.7 km

▪ 6-Dog rig (DR6) 7.5 km

▪ 8-Dog rig (DR8) 7.5 km

▪ RELAY (DR): Canicross, DS1, DB 3.3+4.5+5.7 km


Every class will have two heats with interval start. Depending on the total number of participants 30 seconds starting interval or dual start may be used.

For Canicross classes mass start may be used.


World Champion titles shall be awarded to the best (fastest) teams of each rated class of the World Championships providing at least five competitors from three countries are represented in Elite and Veteran classes and at least three competitors from two countries are represented in Junior classes.


RNB-teams will be awarded World Champion titles in all the classes except Canicross if minimum five competitors from three countries are represented in Elite and Veteran classes and at least three competitors from two countries are represented in Junior classes.

If a class doesn't have enough participants for World Champion title it will be cancelled.



Anyone wishing to enter & race at the World Championships must have current BSSF membership and a DID at the time of the event. ALL entries must be submitted through the BSSF. 

Membership can be renewed now by clicking here.


Entries closed MIDDAY 20th September 2017 this is also the latest date to apply for a DID.


Please familiarise yourself with all the rules which are available on the website links prior to entering & attending the race.


Entry Fees:

▪ Canicross elite and veteran £84

▪ Canicross junior £53

▪ Bikejoring elite and veteran £84

▪ Bikejoring junior £53

▪ 1-Dog scooter £84

▪ 1-Dog scooter junior £53

▪ 2-Dog scooter £84

▪ 4-Dog rig £95

▪ 4-Dog rig junior £53

▪ 6-Dog rig £100

▪ 8-Dog rig £105

▪ RELAY  * (30 Euros per competitor payable to team leader at venue.)


The entry fee includes meals for the competitor but additional meals can be purchased at the venue and full details are included on the organisers website




IFSS Race Rules (


Doping tests for drivers and dogs may be performed.

The following list of forbidden substances for athletes will apply:

WADA list of forbidden substances for humans, ( AND the IFSS list of forbidden substances for dogs and the IFSS Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations




Participants shall meet the applicable requirements as per the IFSS RR Part VI.



The British Team will try to camp together at the race site for ease of communication and team  spirit.


The list of various alternative accomodation and restaurants is available through the dedicated website



COURSE: The details of the proposed course are available on the organisers website

1. Use of private motor vehicles on the trails is not allowed.

2. Participants may inspect the trail only on foot, bicycle or scooter. Only one dog on foot, no dog with vehicle.

3. Entries for IFSS members is via the national IFSS member federations only, using the official entry form.

4. Microchip identification for the dogs is mandatory. All dogs must be listed on the chipping form (one form per driver and per class). All dogs, including dogs not racing, must be vaccinated according to Poland law

5. It is strictly forbidden to let dogs run loose at the event site including stake-out and parking areas, for the entire weekend of the event. Refusal to respect this requirement may lead to disqualification.

6. All participating nations shall appoint one team leader. Team leaders shall be present at the team leader meetings ndags



Thursday 23rd November 2017

10.00 Race office opens – team leaders please report immediately upon your arrival

10.00 Start of veterinary check of dogs at the stake out area

13.00 First mandatory team leader meeting, Bibs and starting lists handed out

14.00 Trail viewing

19.00 Opening ceremony

Friday 24th November 2017

8.00 Possible team leader meeting

8.30 First start

17.00 Mandatory team leader meeting

Saturday 25th November 2017

8.00 Possible team leader meeting

8.30 First start

17.00 Mandatory team leader meeting

19.00 Mushers Banquet

Sunday 26th November 2017

8.00 Team leader meeting for Relay

8.30 First start

Medal ceremonies

Closing ceremonies


More information about visiting Poland including general advice about driving and health can be found at :


Poland is not in the Euro Zone and the currency is Zloty but Euros will be accepted at the race venue.


We would advise all those travelling to take out adequate travel and health insurance in addition to race insurance.


For information regarding travelling with dogs please visit :


For enquiries regarding this event, please contact your BSSF Representative:


Ellie Camacho - [email protected]

Sharon Grocock - [email protected]

Matt Hammersley - [email protected]



If you have a problem with the registration process please email [email protected]


Click on the buttons below for relevant links


Race pack


Please complete one chip list and speakers notes for each class entered. One competitor waiver per athlete and one Guardian form per junior athlete

IFSS INVITATION Guardian Form Competitor Waiver Form Chipping List Speaker Form IFSS WCh Dryland 2017_Participants